Ag 125-13s



WARNING! When cutting or slitting with cutting discs, always use the standard guard with additional cover plate.Discs

Application Designation Material
Abrasive cutting disc Cutting, slitting AC‑D Metal
Diamond cutting disc Cutting, slitting DC-TP, DC-D (SPX, SP, P) Mineral
Abrasive grinding disc Rough grinding AG‑D, AF‑D, AN‑D Metal
Diamond grinding disc Rough grinding DG-CW (SPX, SP, P) Mineral
Wire brushes Wire brushes 3CS, 4CS, 3SS, 4SS Metal
Diamond core bit Drilling in tiles DD-M14 Mineral
Abrasive resin-fiber disc Rough grinding AP-D Metal

Suitability of discs for the equipment used

Care of the product

    Electric shock due to breakdown of protective insulation. When working on metal under extreme conditions, conductive dust may accumulate inside the power tool, thereby adversely affecting the protective insulation.
  • Use a stationary dust extraction system when working under extreme conditions.
  • Clean the air vents frequently.
  • Use a ground fault circuit interrupter (PRCD) in the electric power supply line to the power tool.
    Electrical hazards. Improper repairs to electrical parts may lead to serious injuries.
  • Electrical parts may be repaired only by trained electrical specialists.
  • Never operate the product when the air vents are blocked. Clean the air vents carefully using a dry brush. Do not allow foreign objects to enter the interior of the product.
  • Keep the product, especially its grip surfaces, clean and free from oil and grease. Do not use cleaning agents containing silicone.
  • Clean the outside of the product at regular intervals using a slightly dampened cloth. Do not use a spray, steam pressure cleaning equipment or running water for cleaning.

    Frequent work on conductive materials (e.g. metal, carbon fiber) may make shorter maintenance intervals necessary. Take your individual workplace risk assessment into account.

Technical data

Angle grinder

If the product is powered by a generator or transformer, the generator or transformer’s power output must be at least twice the rated input power shown on the rating plate of the product. The operating voltage of the transformer or generator must always be within +5 % and -15 % of the rated voltage of the product.
The information given applies for a rated voltage of 230 V. Actual figures can vary for country-specific versions and if the voltage supply differs. For rated voltage, frequency, input power and rated current, refer to the rating plate.

AG 125-13S
Rated power input 1,300 W
Rated speed 11,500 /min
Maximum disc diameter 125 mm
Thread diameter M14
Thread length 22 mm
Weight in accordance with EPTA procedure 01 2.5 kg

Information about the documentation

About this documentation

  • Read this documentation before initial operation or use. This is a prerequisite for safe, trouble-free handling and use of the product.
  • Observe the safety instructions and warnings in this documentation and on the product.
  • Always keep the operating instructions with the product and make sure that the operating instructions are with the product when it is given to other persons.

Explanation of symbols


Warnings alert you to hazards that can occur when you are handling or using the product. The following signal words are used in combination with a symbol:

DANGER! Draws attention to imminent danger leading to serious injury or fatality.
WARNING! Draws attention to a potential threat of danger that can lead to serious injury or fatality.
CAUTION! Draws attention to a potentially dangerous situation that can lead to minor injury or damage to the equipment or other property

Symbols in the documentation

The following symbols are used in this document:

Read the operating instructions before use
Instructions for use and other useful information
Dealing with recyclable materials
Do not dispose of electric equipment as household waste

Symbols in the illustrations

The following symbols are used in illustrations:

These numbers refer to the corresponding illustrations found at the beginning of these operating instructions
The numbering reflects the sequence of operations shown in the illustrations and may deviate from the steps described in the text
Item reference numbers are used in the overview illustrations and refer to the numbers used in the product overview section
This symbol is intended to draw special attention to certain points when handling the product.
Wireless data transfer

Product-dependent symbols

Symbols on the product

The following symbols are used on the product:

Wear eye protection.
Revolutions per minute
Revolutions per minute
Rated speed
Protection class II (double-insulated)

Product information

Hilti products are designed for professional use and may be operated, serviced and maintained only by trained, authorized personnel. This personnel must be informed of any particular hazards that may be encountered. The product described and its ancillary equipment may present hazards when used incorrectly by untrained personnel or when used not as directed.
The type designation and serial number are printed on the rating plate.
Product information

Angle grinder AG 125-13S
Generation 05
Serial no.


Overview of the product

  1. Spindle lockbutton
  2. On/off switch
  3. Air vents
  4. Vibration-absorbing side handle
  5. Wrench
  6. Clamping nut
  7. Kwik lock clamping nut (optional)
  8. Cutting disc / grinding disc
  9. Clamping flange with O-ring
  10. Guard
  11. Spindle
  12. Quick locking system
  13. Guard release button
  14. Threaded bushing for handle

Intended use

The product described is a hand-held electric angle grinder. It is designed for cutting and grinding metal and mineral materials, and for brushing, sanding and drilling in tiles, all without use of water. It may used only for dry cutting / grinding.

The tool may be operated only when connected to a power supply providing a voltage and frequency in compliance with the information given on its rating plate.

  • The power tool may be used for cutting, slitting and grinding mineral materials only when equipped with the corresponding guard and front cover.

  • A dust removal hood together with a suitable Hilti vacuum cleaner must be used for working on mineral materials such as concrete or stone.

Items supplied

Angle grinder, side handle, standard guard, front cover, clamping flange, clamping nut, wrench, operating instructions.
Other system products approved for use with this product can be found at your local
Hilti Store or at: | USA:

Starting current limiter

The electronic starting current limiter reduces the starting current drawn to prevent the line fuse from tripping. This prevents abrupt start-up of the product.

Constant-speed electronics

Electronic speed control keeps running speed almost constant irrespective of whether the power tool is idling or running under load. Constant running speed helps ensure maximum efficiency.

Active Torque Control (ATC)

The electronics detect potential stalling of the disc and prevent further rotation of the arbor by switching off the product.
If the ATC system has been triggered, restart the product. Do this by releasing the on/off switch and then pressing it again.

If the ATC system fails, the product will run at greatly reduced speed and with greatly reduced torque. Have the product checked by
Hilti Service.

Restart interlock

The product does not restart by itself when the on/off switch is locked in the ON position and power is restored after an interruption in the electric supply. The on/off switch must first be released and then pressed again.

Temperature-dependent product protection

The temperature-dependent motor protection system monitors current input and motor temperature and thus prevents the power tool overheating.
If the motor is overloaded through application of excessive working pressure, the product’s performance drops noticeably or it might stall completely. A standstill should be avoided. No specific value can be given for the permissible overloading limit for the power tool as it depends on motor temperature.

Front cover for the disc guard

When grinding with straight grinding discs and cutting with cutting discs in metalworking applications, use the standard guard with front cover.

DG-EX 125/5″ dust hood for grinding (accessory)

The grinding system is suitable only for occasional use with diamond cup wheels for grinding mineral materials.
CAUTION Use of this hood for working on metal is prohibited.

DC-EX 125/5″M dust hood for grinding (accessory)

The power tool may be used for cutting and slitting work on mineral materials only when fitted with a dust hood.
CAUTION Use of this hood for working on metal is prohibited.